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Dj ThaMan born and raised in Belgium 1971, Benny is known for his strong music knowledge from 1980 till 2011 with a specific style called "New Beat".
At a very young age Benny started to collect vinyl singles and tapes. He knew he wanted to be a dj like his big examples "Ben Liebrand" and "Ferry Maat" but he also followed the complete DMC from very close by and there's when the dj microbe hits ThaMan.

At the late 80's a new kinda style came from Chicago "House" wich soon made it's way into Belgium and they called it "New Beat". Benny started to visit fmaous clubs like "Boccaccio (Ghent), La Rocca (Lier) and The Globe (Stabroek)" These undergroundclubs had 1 thing in common, the pureness of the music, the vibe !

In 1990 Benny became a resident in a small club called "Drietap". From then on he played in a various amount of famous clubs like the old "Atmoz" named then as "Club Belize" and lotsa House/Hardcore party's around the place known as "Dj Lennox". But he didn't liked to kiss ass and suck dick like it then was in the dj world and so he backed down for a bit and started a family. But like every dj, music is a microbe and it is uncurable !

So from 1996 ThaMan discoverd something different "Internet Radio" and soon he started to Stream for " and Home Of Music". But also the people of "Dancefrontdoor" we're interested in thos typical Belgian Beats and so it was ThaMan played there also from about 2000 till 2003. Afterwards there we're the weekly Techno shows at "" and from 2005 he started to play for FearFM, Radio Noorderkempen and TopRadio with some Jump and Tek beats and that lasted till 2009.

ThaMan made some furore as an allround Dj and so "Di.FM" was really interested in a weekly Retro show and so we are here in 2013 with over 200 shows broadcasted allready by "Di.FM" plus the fact that he is played also on the Techno Channel there with Carl Cox, Chris Liebing with a monthly show called "Techno CLX" & has a monthly show called "Funky Vibes" on Di.FM's DjMixes channel.